Departmental Improvement

Delivering an outstanding golf experience means focusing on much more than manicured greens and pristine fairways. While agronomy remains of primary importance, other departmental components, including food and beverage, merchandising, and the driving range/player development programs, are critical to a golf property’s overall financial performance.


With a combined 65 years of experience improving operations in all aspects of golf facility management, Touchstone leadership has the knowledge and expertise to balance the objectives of these departments with the revenue and expense expectations of the property. We systematically evaluate all departments and install systems to drive performance, using benchmarking against like properties. We also develop programs that help to unite employees in all departmental areas with a shared vision and a unified focus on guest service.


In addition, Touchstone Golf effectively leverages our national account relationships with merchandise and equipment suppliers, golf course maintenance equipment and supply vendors, and food and beverage purveyors to receive optimum pricing on products necessary for operation of the facility. The course owner receives 100% of all savings and rebates associated with our national account relationships.


The result is highly efficient operations at the department level, as well as accountability of the management team in each area.